jetBlue Changed My Flight Time – Now What?

So you have booked your flight, planned your car service to or from the airport and now you receive an email from your airline:  “We want to inform you about a change to your scheduled flight”  Now what?  This just happened to me and here are some helpful hints to make the experience less painful.

  1. jetBlue will attempt to contact you via email and telephone.  You will receive a telephone call with an automated recording telling you that your flight has changed.  As you were not expecting this phone call, you scramble to find a pen and paper and miss everything they were saying.
  2. Go check your email.  Be aware that both legs of the flight could have changed.  The email I received was a little cryptic, so read it thoroughly.
  3. Browse over to and login with your reservation info to print a new confirmation.  This is the only place that will be accurate up-to-the-minute.  Everything else can change at a moments notice.  (General tip:  It is always good to log back into your reservation <24 hours before your flight to make sure you didn’t miss the phone call or the emails.  jetBlue also gives you the option to check-in from home).

jetBlue changed your flight time(s) – and your not happy with the new flight times;  I called jetBlue and spoke with a helpful customer service agent who explained the options:

  • Flight time was changed by less than 30 minutes: You need to stick with the new time.  No free changes are available.
  • Flight time was changed by more than a 30 minutes but less than 4 hours:  You have 2 options.  You can change your flight to any flight on the day of original travel, one day before or one day after your originally scheduled flight without incurring any other fee.  You can select any flight, including one that is more expensive than the original.  They will change you to an available seat on an alternate flight with no fees.  -OR-  You can cancel your flight and you will receive a credit in the full amount of the canceled flight.  This credit is put into the jetBlue Travel Bank and is good for use on future travel within one year.
  • Flight time was changed by more than 4 hours: You can change your flight according to the same rules as >30 < 4 Hours  -OR- You can cancel your flight and jetBlue will credit your credit card for the full amount of the canceled flight.

While all of the above options are an inconvenience, the remedies are pretty reasonable.  Look at the bright side – may be you can use this as an opportunity to switch to that flight that was originally too expensive.

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  1. mer says:

    THANK YOU FOR THIS POST! Bc of this post,. I called JET BLUE and changed my flight.

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