Delta Changed My Flight Time

I received an email from Delta that my flight time has changed.  This seems to happen often to me and the airline doesn’t matter.  In one of my first blog posts, jetblue changed my flight time – now what I wrote about this same subject.  Now that Delta has notified me that ” Your Delta itinerary has changed “, I figured I would summarize their policy as best as I understand it. Delta offers a free reporting tool called Delta Messenger.  This tool will send you an email if your flight info changes. It will update you if:

  • Your first ticketed flight departs within 0-60 days.
  • A schedule change occured and has adjusted a flight by more than 15 minutes later or more than 10 minutes earlier.
  • Your flight is arriving more than 45 minutes later than previously scheduled.
  • The aircraft type has changed.

You may receive a refund on a non-refundable ticket(s) when:

  • Your flight is cancelled and there is no Delta flight with a comparable route available within 90 minutes of the original time of departure.
  • A change in your flight departure time exceeds 90 minutes.
  • A change in the route of your flight adds one or more stops to the original itinerary.
  • A change in the route of your flight results in an arrival time of more than 90 minutes later than the originally scheduled arrival time.

As always, check with your Travel agent and confirm using the website.  The information provided above is only as accurate as the research performed as a paying customer.  Call Delta if you have any specific questions regarding your flight.

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